Meet the founder & CEO

Francoise grew up with only two things on her mind, pretty things & animals.

Growing up she was either found sewing, drawing, making things or petting dogs!

Her love for art & design stemmed from her gifted grandmother who was a watchmaker and seamstress and encouraged her to see things not as they are- but what they could be.

As she progressed through teens & early adulthood she found herself traveling all over the world as a model and naturally settling in the luxury brand sector curating the finest handbags and jewelry in the United States.

Francoise founded Pretty Bird for everyone to enjoy collecting and gifting meaningful jewelry for themselves, for those they love and those who love them back.

Her mother custom made her jewelry every birthday sparking a love for personalized trinkets and remembering special memories through collecting meaningful jewelry.

Her experience in both the fashion industry & luxury brand industry has sharpened her taste for quality ensuring only the finest of curated pieces available in her jewelry collections and prioritizing affordability.

Pretty Bird embodies everything that Francoise holds dear, freedom of expression, sparkling beauty & never ending love!

In addition, a portion of every Pretty Bird purchase is donated to various animal shelters across Southern California in the form of blankets, food & toys for homeless pets.

Her dream is to one day have a farm and house as many animals as will fit!

Francoise (Founder) Spider The Frenchie (CEO)